Dr Andrew Lawson discusses enlarged prostate problems on Tune In Cii Broadcasting.

Every man over the age of 60 is going to at some point in their life suffer from symptoms related to an enlarged prostate. By the time a man turns 80 he has a 90% chance of having an enlarged prostate with slow development starting as early as 40. Dr Lawson talks about the symptoms around having an enlarged prostate “One of the most distressing symptoms for most men is the number of times they have to go to the bathroom, both during the day and more so during the night, some may be up as much as 6 – 10 times a night”.

Identifying the best treatment can be overwhelming, he states “there are about 14 different types of medical treatments to treat an enlarged prostate, so it’s important to understand there is not one single cure” Dr Lawson says.

The newest most innovative treatment newly available in South Africa is called Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE). Simply put “Prostate artery embolization is the blockage of the blood supply to the prostate”, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Dr Lawson describes it as “A very elegant procedure, we make a very small hole in the artery of the groin, usually on the right-hand side, when I mean very small I mean 1mm, in the context that’s no bigger than a needle”. If done correctly the patient will experience no side effects with permanent results that effectively blocks off the blood supply.

Dr Andrew Lawson performs this treatment at Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, Johannesburg working in conjunction with their urologist Dr Steve Cornish. To find out more about PAE, please click here

To listen to the full interview on enlarged prostate problems, please click below.

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